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Perhaps the most recently removed from the list of Acceptable Targets, East Asians face much less discrimination in contemporary times.

In the late 19th century/early 20th century Asians were the victim of Yellow Peril stereotypes, and often made fun of for their exotic clothing and strange language, often portrayed as buck-toothed, bespectacled and with banana-yellow skin.

Incidentally, a group may be listed on this page as a Once Acceptable Target, and still be oppressed, persecuted, mocked, negatively stereotyped or discriminated against today.

It's just not Until fairly recently, in the western world, gay men were considered the same as pedophiles, and lesbians were viewed as either evil (sometimes oddly asexual) succubi who tempt pure women away from their God-given duty to be sexually available to men, or man-hating raging feminists who would enjoy nothing more than severing a man's genitalia and set them on fire, if they were even acknowledged to exist at all.

These days Asian men are portrayed as staunch businessmen or martial artists, and Asian women as exotic beauties or hard-working restaurant staff, but basically don't expect them to appear in films or TV much at all compared with other minorities out there.

In Britain, they used to be stereotypically wacky, nerdy conservative Muslims or a strange mish-mash of religions who took "true" British people's jobs but due to a very large percentage being native in the 4th generation the stereotype is dead.

In the past, we like to think, there were many more Acceptable Targets than there are today.

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Possibly, this was owing to homosexuality making a lot of people uncomfortable and many people laughing to cover their discomfort.Viewed as savages, indigenous Africans became an acceptable target for slavery.Many were brought to the English, Spanish, French, Dutch, or Portuguese colonies in the Americas to work as slaves alongside a dwindled population of enslaved Natives.Black Comedy will laugh at Once Acceptable Targets as much as possible with the express purpose of causing a hostile reaction.In popular works that have Once Acceptable Targets as only part of the work, the offending parts of the work are often changed to suit modern tastes.Then WWII and the bombing of Pearl Harbor happened and all bets were off.


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