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You’re on a sexual frenzy and your mind is full of extreme acts and perverse thoughts.But you need to remember that your woman can’t read your thoughts.The scene is likely to offend many who might have enjoyed the rest of the picture.The relatively clean film that follows is like a skimpy TV drama promoted well beyond its station - which is either BBC2 or Channel 4.Your girlfriend could be game for a bit of dirty talk, but not everyone’s ready to let their fantasies and dirty talk run wild in bed.So before you open your mouth and gasp something naughty, learn the right way to talk dirty to a girl so you can take your sexual orgasms to a whole new high!You need to get her mind racing, you need to make her visualize the words you say, and you need to transport her mentally to a place of sexual bliss.

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[Read: 10 things women need in bed to feel sexy and loved] Men are visual, women are better at imagination Do you ever feel like just having sex without saying anything to each other has started to get boring?[Read: 15 tips to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex a lot more exciting! But more than that *and more importantly*, it’s subjective.You may fantasize about sleeping with her sister or her mother, but can you really talk about it in bed with her without making her want to clip your ball sacks together?[Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest things!] How to talk dirty to a girl If your girlfriend or wife tells you that she likes the idea of talking dirty, that’s great news!The object of both women's lust, Daniel (James Purefoy), seems to have strayed out of Men Behaving Badly.


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