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Billy was the best player who ever played, they don't make players like him today."16.Radostin Kishishev: "When I finish with football, I will be able to say ' I played for Leeds'.No one will ask me which division I was in, they will just know it was the biggest club I have played for."13.Brian Clough on his first day as Leeds manager: "Right you f***ing lot, as far as I'm concerned you can take all the medals you have won and throw them in that bin over there."12.Neil Redfearn: "There are only three results in football & only two are good. Eddie Gray: "Billy played more with his heart than his head. Geoffrey Boycott: "I played football for Leeds United under-18s, but at 17 my eyes started to go and I had to wear glasses.The football had to go - there were no contact lenses in 1957."7.Take a look at our list and see the top 20 in UFC history.

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Their fans are the scum of the earth, absolute animals and a disgrace.

color commentator like Joe Rogan pops into the Octagon and asks a fighter their thoughts on what just unfolded or what they are hoping to do next in the UFC.

Since the inception of the UFC 20 years ago, the fighters have always talked the talk and walked the walk, and in that time there have been more than a few memorable quotes along the way.

Hughes just went to work, won fights and walked out with the title.

He was never one to beat an opponent and then laud his accomplishments over their heads.


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