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This collection of resources can support program staff and teachers in enabling children with special needs to be more physically active and engaged in programs.

For more ideas on inclusion keep an eye on our activities section, where adapatation for a variety of needs will be added throughout the fall.

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After seeing the exchange on security cameras, Spartan and Huxley review the cryo-prison records and find that instead of an appropriate criminal rehabilitation program, Phoenix had been given the information necessary for his escape by Cocteau directly.

Neurological and cognitive symptoms often labeled 'brain fog' include confusion, difficulty with concentration and processing information, short-term memory issues and impaired word retrieval.

When children with disabilities learn alongside their peers, they are more likely to: continue in education, get a job, and be included and valued in their communities.– See more at: Above all, we have maintained that authentic inclusion gives students with disabilities the best chance at living, working, and playing in their community.He is incarcerated along with Phoenix in the city's new "California Cryo-Penitentiary", where they are cryogenically frozen and exposed to subconscious rehabilitation techniques.They go back to the Cryo Prison and begin to thaw out the most dangerous convicts.You get in touch with people from different walks of a popular online chatting portal which offers facility of 1 on 1 chat.Spartan enters the prison alone to fight Phoenix, heavily damaging the facility in the process, and eventually uses the cryogenic chemical to kill Phoenix.


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