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Like Whats App, you can make domestic and international calls too.

Like a lovechild between Whats App and Skype, oo Voo is a free cross platform (Android, i OS, Windows, Web) app that allows free calls to other oo Voo users, and paid calls to landlines and mobiles.

To make other calls though, you’ll have to add some credit to your account., and pay a relatively small per-minute call charge.

If those contacts are Google Hangout users, you can call them entirely for free.

You can call landlines and mobiles from Hangouts, too.

Almost all calls to Canada and the US are entirely free from any country where Hangouts is available.

It’s unlikely many of your contacts use the app, but if they do, it also doubles up as a messaging app, where you can record and send text messages and videos.

It’s basically like Whats App, but also allows calls to landlines and web-based calls to non-users. Also, includes games, public chats, and calls to mobiles and landlines.


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