Dating with aspergers

o not minimize the extent of my having been changed from a vivacious, sensual, happy, loving, athletic, healthy, wealthy, bright, articulate, fairly socially adept human to being melded and molded to accommodate an autistic adult into exactly the opposite of who I am for the sake of a one-sided relationship.” ♦ alking with my ex-husband is like smashing my head against a wall or drowning in a river. Find a healthy and well functioning partner or live with a dog.We were not talking the same language and misunderstandings were the rule. What is even more horrifying and disabling for us is the requirement on our part to patiently endure being corrected, directed, criticized and often rudely spoken to regularly by our AS partners, sometimes constantly, as they work on forming us into more complete and tolerable partners for themselves, while we weather the torpedo blasts of rage and reaction they direct towards us if we suggest an imperfection in them. I think not.” ♦ itting in the kitchen in the evening, Harry was verbally cruel. Life will be far more rewarding.” ♦ dated someone who had Asperger’s syndrome and it led to me having a breakdown and suffering from severe depression.Yeah they’re all different yeah yeah, I know, some are worse than others. After moving to our current home 30 years ago, he refused to move to another state, city or house.Now I am disabled in a non-accessible house and my life is a living hell.

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My toddler hears me cough and says ‘You okay, Mommy? ’ But my aspie spouse may not even think to ask ‘How are you feeling? But when I am sick or weak and am not offered any help or emotional support I tend to be filled with grief, anger and self-pity at how lonely and uncared for I feel.” ♦ have been here for 27 years. Learn to speak ‘aspie’ aka: No insight, no foresight, no thought, no consideration, no love, no respect. I would have to sort of slither up the hall on my side to make it to the bathroom. One evening, he came home with food and ate in front of me. It has played out over and over again in different contexts over the years.” ♦ y husband has Asperger’s, as did his father and uncle. The groups I’ve tried to join basically say the same thing: Be positive,accept him, it’s not his fault. I’m sorry that he has this, but it doesn’t give anyone the right to severely abuse their partner because of it. ” ♦ am married to a man who has diagnosed Aspergers and is extremely difficult to live with…

If you are willing to give up your every hope, dream, and ambition for someone who is unable or unwilling to be a partner in your marriage and does not appreciate you or your sacrifice, then a life with an Aspie spouse is for you.

If I had known what I was getting into, I would never have gone on the first date.

I was stunned how he spoke with such control and so friendly on the phone as if nothing had happened. If someone told me they had Asperger’s now, I would run in the opposite direction.” ♦ e barely notices I am gone, is healthy and still calls me his wife, even though I am no longer. I, however, have lost all my friends and social support, have chronic illness and a nervous disorder and may well lose my house because of the financial ineptness of the person who was supposed to be my partner in a relationship.

He calls to ask me to do his laundry and never once said he missed me. The deprivation of basic human needs was NEVER on the table for the AS person, as the NT does the bulk of the basics in the home and oft times at work as well, and almost certainly with the children.


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