Dating tongan women

They brought with them new plant and animal species, as well as a distinct pottery design.Today these people are named the Lapita, after the location in New Caledonia where they were first noticed in archaeology.

Not just in Tonga, but throughout the South Pacific is a tradition of passing down land to eldest sons.Tongan Lapita designs were simpler than western Lapita designs, evolving from ornate curvilinear and rectilinear patterns into simple rectilinear forms.Decades of archaeological excavations of ancient Lapita kitchens and middens (refuse piles) both in Tongatapu and Haʻapai have taught us much about early Tongan settlement.The first time the Tongan people encountered Europeans was in April 1616 when Jacob Le Maire and Willem Schouten made a short visit to the islands to trade.Centuries before Westerners arrived, Tongans created megalithic stoneworks.We know what they ate, what tools they used, where they settled (one colony each on ‘Uiha, Kauvai, and Foa, and two on Lifuka), and how large the settlements were.


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