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An overtaking maneuver must not be made where your visibility is restricted i.e.on a bend or approaching a bridge or where your wash will disturb anglers or moored craft.All craft must be insured for Third Party Risks and Salvage Costs and have a current Boat Safety Certificate covering current boat construction and use regulations.

Make sure your way is clear before commencing your maneuver.In January 1960, the patch became the official symbol of , with headquarters in Orleans, was responsible for the LOC across France.On July 15 1951, the 7966th Det was replaced by EUCOM Com Z (with a change of mission), primarily concerned with the establishment, conduct, and supervision of the LOC across France.Remember that the person in the water may be at greatest risk from the propeller.Never put the engine in gear to turn the propeller until it is safe to do so.The establishment of EUCOM Com Z led directly to the activation of depot and warehouse facilities of all EUCOM technical services.


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